Strategic Partners

It is through our local, regional and international partnerships with leading companies who are market leaders in their own fields, that we have been able to provide a wide portfolio of quality brands and services to ever-growing markets.

The deep enduring trust we have built with our partners over the years have helped us offer our consumers the best in brands and services, with the right mix of competence in marketing and customer services support.

Here's a list of our major partners:

Wine & Spirits: De Kuyper Archers Netherlands, Mast-Jägermeister, Borco, Halewood, Beluga, Symposium Spirits, Charter Brands, Terra Spirits, Sartirano wines, Poggio Torselli, Domaine Fournier, Domaine Tropez, Famille Fezas, Domaine Ellevin, Chateau Pierrail, Terre di Rai wines, Ca’ di rajo wines, Domaine des Espiers, Domaine Beaurenard, Domaine Combier.

Textile: Mephisto.

Home Appliances: SEB Group.

FMCG: San Pellegrino, Arcor, Eurostock, Antat, Saida, Evyap, Colgate Palmolive PK, Niveen, Gujranwala Food Industries